DDD wants to create a strong relationship with the community and listen to its needs. In our own way, we hope to create a real impact and contribute to change for the good of our planet. We are really proud to collaborate with other enthusiasts who share the same values as us. Here are some of our collaborations:

Elisabeth Simard and her blog, Ruban Cassette

Elisabeth Simard is the author of the book « Vivre simplement : Sortir du chaos moderne et s’offrir une vie plus douce ». In addition to her blog, Ruban Cassette, where she broadcasts inspirational notes and podcasts, she also offers online programs filled with concrete tools. She is passionate about minimalism, gentle and positive parenting, often also called slow parenting. Her mission is to help simplify the parent’s lives, so that they find their breath and the pleasure of being a parent.

Elisabeth has collaborated with DDD with a products selection she likes and uses already at home in her daily life. Check out our Elisabeth’s essentials boutique section to discover them. You will find her recommendations, both to simplify everyday life but also to adopt a ecofriendly lifestyle.