How to decorate for Halloween in an eco-friendly way

Halloween is a fun holiday for young and old alike, and decorations are ideal for setting the mood during door-to-door trick-or-treating or evenings with friends. However, many decorations sold in big box stores are made of plastic and single-use. The good news is that finding more eco-friendly decorations is super easy, you just need two hands and a little creativity!

Our favorite ideas are:

  • Rather than emptying the pumpkins, you can decorate them so that you can eat them later. For example, glue dried flowers and leaves with non-toxic white glue, lace, shirt buttons, fabric scraps, hats, etc.
  • Create pumpkin shapes from your cushions or pieces of fabric. If you are motivated and good with a sewing machine you can create them yourself, or else a little rope, a pillow and that's it!
  • Use white fabric, rope and a felt-tip pen to create little ghosts
  • Use what nature offers us! Decorating with dead leaves and branches can be a great way to set the mood!
  • Go off the beaten track! Rather than using pumpkins as characters, why not replace them with squash, or other fruits and vegetables?
  • Reuse last year's decorations instead of buying new ones.
  • Take a trip to a second-hand store to find used decorations.

The whole team wishes you a Halloween that is as scary as it is ecological! 🎃

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