Our approach to product selection

We believe that today's consumers are increasingly aware of their purchases and that they are now ready to make more responsible choices. Even if they are open to changing their habits, the reality is that they do not have the time to do in-depth research to find products that align with their values.

DDD is here to make your job easier and allow you to make these changes. Here is the summary of the 3 rules and 16 criteria that we use to guide our selection:

Rule 1 – Design

The product has a clean and timeless aesthetic. It does not belong to a fashion or a trend, it will last over time.

Rule 2 – Sustainable

The product has a high level of quality
manufacturing as well as an exceptional guarantee.
We advocate quality rather than quantity.

Rule 3 - Responsible

The product is responsible because it has one or
several of our liability criteria.
Check them out below.

Our 16 responsibility criteria

Product that has been partially
or made entirely from
of recycled materials.

Product easily allowing its reuse or reuse with its use.

Product whose design facilitates recycling
of its materials at the end of its useful life.

Product that has been made entirely from natural ingredients.

Company respecting conditions
ethical work for its workers
and accountability at the level of
its environmental footprint.

Certified fair trade product.

Product for which the company has a
recognized organic certification linked
with the materials of its products.

The company warrants that the product will be replaced from any defects in material or workmanship under normal use.

Company not having as primary goal
to make a profit but rather to return a
service to its community through programs
reintegration or employability.

Product which was manufactured from
materials that do not contain any product or by-product of animal origin.

Product that has the ability to be 100% naturally decomposed by living organisms.

Product that can be composted at the end
of its useful life, whether in an environment
domestic or industrial environment.

Products selected for this criterion
come from a Quebec company.

The products selected for this criterion are made in Quebec.

Products selected for this criterion
come from a Canadian company.

The products selected for this criterion are made in Canada.