Our 3 favorite winter hikes

Our team really enjoys exploring our beautiful Quebec in all seasons. It's an activity accessible to everyone, a good way to escape and let go. Because in winter, there is something magical about hiking in a snowy setting, each season brings us its share of wonder. We hope these suggestions will make you want to enjoy this beautiful snow. And yes, winter has not yet said its last word!

⁠Here are our three suggestions: ⁠

1 - The Green Mountain
A beautiful short 5 km hike will take you to the top of the mountain for a 360 view of the SEPAQ Mont-Tremblant park and the hidden river.

Photo credit: Mélissa Beaudouin

2 - Mount Nixon
Located near Lac-Supérieur, the trail runs along the lake, a loop of approximately 8 km, you will pass by Mont-Panorama. There will also be beautiful ice walls along the trail!

Photo credit: danenbottines.com

3 - The Ouareau Forest
For those who want a challenge, you will dive into a beautiful coniferous forest. This mountain will offer you a beautiful contrasting view.

Photo credit: Maryline Lafrenière

And you? Are you more the type to stay on your warm sofa?😝

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