Our actions to reduce our waste - Quebec Waste Reduction Week

From October 23 to 31, 2021 , Quebec Waste Reduction Week (SQRD) is taking place. It is a national event organized by Zéro Déchet Québec and whose objective is to raise awareness and encourage every citizen to reduce their waste and consume more responsible way.

At DDD, we care about the environment and we try as much as possible to reduce our waste and reuse all boxes and packaging from our suppliers.

In honor of this important week we have decided to share with you some of our green operations!

  • We recycle and reuse all shipping boxes and materials (kraft paper, biodegradable beads, bubble wrap, etc.) from our suppliers in our own shipments to our online store customers.
  • All the furniture in the store was made locally by our team with the help of a carpenter or was upcycled and found second hand.
  • We compost all our organic waste.
  • We do not print receipts for orders, we send them by email and we invite customers to contact us by email or by phone if there is anything
  • We always offer virtual receipts (emails or text messages) first to our in-store customers, paper receipts are available for those who prefer them.
  • All management of the company and payment of suppliers is done paperless, we try not to use checks and envelopes, the same goes for paying our employees.
  • We always keep small reusable dishes available for our employees who want to order food to go.
  • We try to educate our suppliers and designers to modify or reduce their shipping packaging when possible.

And you, what are your actions to reduce your waste production? Remember that perfection is not required to be zero waste, every little gesture counts and makes a big difference!

Happy Waste Reduction Week!

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