Our favorite apple recipes

In Quebec, we are very lucky to have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that grow at different times of the year. And I don't know about you, but for the DDD team, fall means: apple time! Whether your favorite apple is the McIntosh, the Gala, the Lobo, one thing is certain, we are definitely spoiled for choice!

Today we offer you some of our favorite recipes to use your leftover apples if you want to make a change (but we admit that there is nothing better than biting into a good fresh apple!).

Finding new ways to use the food in our fridges and pantry is a great way to reduce our food waste and it's always good for the budget. Hoping that you will love these recipes as much as we do and that they will make you discover apples in a whole new way!

1. Maple apple butter

For our brunch fans, we definitely recommend this maple apple butter. Absolutely delicious, it will pair very well with bread and pastries, will impress your guests every time, and will make your taste buds go crazy with joy! (Recipe credit: Laurence, Nutritionist & Founder of Libre de Manger)

2. Apple peel chips

Some of these recipes do not require removing the peel from the apples, but for those that do, what do you do with the peel? Rather than throwing it away why not make chips from it? A little sugar, cinnamon, pop in the oven and it makes a great anti-waste snack! (Recipe credit: Marie-Laure Tomibini of Biodélices)

3. Quick apple crumble in a cup

Do you love the classic apple crisp that often follows the picking, but you need something quick? Or do you prefer to have a smaller portion? (We get it, once you start eating a delicious crisp, it can be hard to control yourself!) So why not try a crisp in a microwaved cup? This great “Mug Cake” style recipe demonstrates how to cook a crumble that will make you drool, but which will also take you a good 2 minutes to complete. Perfect when you need a quick dessert. (Recipe credit: Ricardo Cuisine)

4. P izza on naan bread with apples, brie and prosciutto

If you are more of a savory snack type, then you will surely love this pizza recipe on naan bread with apples, brie and prosciutto. Perfect combination of sweet and sour! It’s easy to make and ideal for a snack or meal on the go! (Recipe credit: Natacha Loiseau, Noovo moi)

5. Oatmeal prepared the day before with apple and cinnamon

Are you running out of ideas for nutritious lunches that are simple, quick and easy to transport? Whether it's for you, your children, your partner, your colleague, your boss, your lab partner, whatever, we guarantee that everyone will love this recipe for overnight oatmeal with apple and cinnamon. This beautiful combination is reminiscent of fall and is very practical for lunches. And this recipe comes with a bonus! In addition to the apple and cinnamon recipe, you will find two other equally delicious alternatives. (Recipe credit: Marie-Ève ​​Caplette, nutritionist)

On this note, the DDD team wishes you good food and a very good apple season! If you have other recipes, don't hesitate to share them with us, we are always up for trying new recipes and sharing them with our community!

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