What should I do with my pumpkin so as not to waste it?

Pumpkins are beautiful Halloween and fall decorations that are natural. Unfortunately, the vast majority ends up in the trash or compost. Like squash, pumpkins are edible in several ways. Today, we're sharing our tips and tricks for using your pumpkins to the fullest to avoid food waste.

  • First wait until it's close to Halloween time to buy your pumpkin, because the sooner you buy it, the sooner it will lose its freshness.

  • Short on time? Limit yourself to one or two pumpkins, rather than buying ten that won't all be able to be used.

  • A classic here: roast your pumpkin seeds to make a delicious, healthy, and very economical snack.
  • Use the inside of the pumpkin for recipes like pumpkin lattes, soups, pies, etc.

  • If you're not interested in eating pumpkins, why buy them? Do you already buy oranges or squash every week? So why not decorate them with faces? Using what we already have is the best way to avoid creating new waste.

  • Are you passionate about gardening and have a lot of land? Plant your pumpkin or its seeds and next year you will enjoy the decor and your own pumpkins!

  • And finally, make sure you compost what you can't use.

What are your tips for using your pumpkins to the fullest? Do you have any that we haven't mentioned? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

The DDD team wishes you a happy Halloween!

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