Acti-Sol is a Quebec family business founded in 1995 to recycle natural waste linked to the activities of the Désilets family's laying hens. The company has developed and implemented a unique technology to recover, dry and treat manure and transform it into a useful product for Quebec gardeners, approved for organic farming. In 2018, Acti-Sol acquired the Acadie line of organic algae-based products in order to diversify its range of ecological products.

The company has always been guided by the desire of the Désilets family to be examples of responsible entrepreneurs. At its source, it is based on the r ecycling and recovery of a material considered as waste, the production of which remains local and low in energy. Acti-Sol also places emphasis on its activities within its community, in particular as support for agricultural producers who turn to organic production and raising awareness among its customers of the benefits of ecological gardening.

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