Anne-Julie Dudemaine


Anne-Julie Dudemaine is an artist, illustrator and pattern designer based in Montreal.

Her always very colorful work is inspired by everyday life which she infuses with a dose of emotion and a palpable naivety through the sensitivity of her lines. Both simple and detailed, his illustrations demonstrate a desire to give a soul and a story to the most common objects.

Anne-Julie is a self-taught artist who began her artistic practice at the dawn of her thirties, in 2015. Over the years, she has worked with clients in various fields: publishing, advertising, television, corporate, editorial, magazine , etc. She has nearly 3 years of experience in the fashion field where she worked on the creation of patterns, illustrations and artistic direction of the baby clothing brand Gagou Tagou distributed at Aubainerie.

She also has a bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Quebec in Montreal and several years of experience as an advertising project manager for large national clients.

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