Oïa & co


Oïa & co is the meeting of Nadia and Vanessa, who came together during confinement with their very first idea for a zero waste project: sewing washable and reusable fabric masks. In May 2020, inspired by a report on Ollas made in Europe, the question of launching a second project became obvious. It was the crush that brought together all their values! Due to its practical, economical, ecological and sustainable aspects, their new product was born.

​The mission of Oïa & co: to help make urban agriculture even more responsible, accessible and educational!

Oïa (or Olla in Spanish) means “pot” or “pot”. Thanks to the porous walls of this terracotta jar, the roots of the plants stick to it and directly absorb all the water they need. Thus, the gardener does not need to water the entire surface of his or her vegetable garden every evening. This ancestral technique has existed for more than 4000 years!

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