Ouistitine is a small Montreal company that makes stuffed animals, dolls, toys, accessories and more entirely by hand from reused natural fibers (pure wool, suede, recovered leather and furs, linen, cotton). It is therefore completely eco-responsible, natural, ethical and local.

Ouistitine believes that all children should be able to benefit from toys and clothing made from noble and warm materials. Thanks to their simple, clean lines and their timeless quality, our creations appeal to all ages. Our animals are represented in their primitive and natural form, as much as possible, in order to let the child decide what he will create from this toy.

Wool is the main material of Ouistitine objects but the brand also uses other natural fibers such as linen, cotton, leather and fur. The raw material comes from the reuse of natural fibers and/or scraps from the fashion industry. The padding is pure carded wool from New Brunswick.

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