Snow Peak


Snow Peak is a Japanese family business founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai in Niigata Prefecture. Dissatisfied with the climbing equipment available at the time, he founded his own line of mountaineering products relying on the skilled metalworkers in his hometown of Tsubame-Sanjo.

Snow Peak continued to develop its range of outdoor products over the following decades and each member of the Yamai clan made their contribution. In 1980, Yukio's son Tohru succeeded him as CEO of Snow Peak and developed the first model of tent and outdoor cooking equipment. In 2014, Lisa, his daughter, joined Snow Peak and created the first Snow Peak clothing line, a technical collection allowing you to easily transition from the urban environment to the natural environment.

Snow Peak now defines itself as a way of life rather than a brand and wants to offer the best technical equipment to outdoor enthusiasts. The company is characterized by its sense of community and the transversality of the outdoor practices that it promotes in order to bring humans ever closer to nature and to each other.

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