DDD wants to create strong ties with the community and listen to its needs. In our own way, we hope to create a real impact and contribute to change for the good of our planet. We are really proud to collaborate with other enthusiasts who share the same values ​​as us. Here are some of our collaborations:

Eve-Lyne Auger and the online vegetarian magazine La Fraîche

We wanted to highlight and celebrate Earth Day in a positive and proactive way! We know that you cook a lot more than usual... so why not take the opportunity to try new recipes, which could lead you to reduce your meat consumption and thus contribute to the well-being of our planet? Yes, several internationally recognized studies prove it, reducing your meat consumption can be a very concrete way of joining the fight against climate change.

It is as part of Earth Day 2020 that we decided to collaborate with Eve-Lyne Auger, the creator behind the online vegetarian magazine La Fraîche . Discover lots of ideas and tips to give you a taste for plant-based eating every day

La Fraîche is an online vegetarian magazine, workshops and conferences, but it is also a recipe book. Particularly sensitive to local food, Eve-Lyne also shares with us ecological alternatives and the general benefits of plant-based eating. As part of this collaboration, she identified all her essential products for the kitchen...which gave birth to the collection: “ Eve-Lyne's Favorites ” which you can find on our online store!

Also, discover her recipe for Baked Falafel , right here!