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Heating pad for neck and shoulders

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The Amma Thérapie shoulder heating pad fits perfectly to the shoulders and neck. The part in the center goes up on the neck to relax the muscles at the base of the skull. The weight of the cushion immediately relaxes the shoulders and it holds perfectly in place, even when you are standing. The heat relieves tense shoulders, stress, neck pain, stiff neck and prevents migraines.

Fabrics: Hemp and organic cotton, Gray

Amma Thérapie is a family business whose mission is simple: to relieve and provide well-being while respecting nature and humans.

Made from organic grains, Amma Thérapie cushions are effective, practical, ergonomic and comfortable. They soothe a range of ailments such as back pain, muscle stiffness, migraines, colic, bruising and stomach aches. They are 100% natural, eco-responsible, ethical and proudly made in Quebec. Of remarkable quality, they are soft to the touch and the smell of the grains is subtle. The patterns are zen, modern and current so they are as pleasant to look at as they are to use.

Heating pad for neck and shoulders