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Jo Greenland and the northern route

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After having regained his long-dreamed-of freedom, Jo Groenland must now face the harsh reality of life as a seal in the North Atlantic without his faithful friend the Cajun who rests in the sediments of the St. Lawrence. His integration into his new family will not be easy. But the most gifted and generous seal on the planet will find an original way to rebuild an astonishing and united family in order to truly appreciate his newfound freedom. But be careful, a terrifying and abominable ice creature is lurking nearby...

Dive into the cold waters of the river to live with Jo and her first and perilous journey to the North, where the ice that the seals so need is becoming increasingly rare due to global warming.

You won't soon forget this incredible adventure where biology, environment... and a good dose of humor mix!

Book / 248 pages

Author: Boucar Diouf

Jo Greenland and the northern route