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Jonathan Tenderbear and the Wisdom of the Raven

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After the tragic death of his dear friend Jo Groenland, Jonathan Tenderbear, the flexitarian polar bear, sets out again. Her first mission is to lead Sealvin, still a young orphan, to a group of seals like him who would undoubtedly adopt him. Jonathan Tenderbear also wants to find his long-lost brother. In fact, this is the only family he has left. The last time the polar bear saw him, he was clinging to a helicopter. But which direction should you take first to find your brother? Thanks to the precious advice of Tutuq, his husky sled-pulling friend, the journey begins.

An astonishing, moving end to the trilogy, which once again immerses readers in themes such as climatic and ecological upheavals, all delivered with humor, wisdom and accompanied by a good dose of adventures which engage readers of all ages in suspense until the end!

Book / 272 pages

Author: Boucar Diouf

Jonathan Tenderbear and the Wisdom of the Raven