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The browning of white whales

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Globi, a female beluga, wants to save her family from the devastating pollution of the St. Lawrence. She decides to leave the Great River to reach the South Seas. But, during her perilous escapade, she is unable to stay on course, gets injured and ends up stranded on a New England beach! Rescued by biologists, she finds herself swimming in an aquarium with an old seal retired from the circus, the famous Jo Greenland. The seal, who has always dreamed of returning to live in the wild, develops an incredible plan that will allow them to set sail. With surprising and courageous allies, a spectacular escape takes place... They are finally free! Back in the estuary, the traveling companions will face several major challenges before each reaching their goal. The great adventure has only just begun!

Born in Senegal, where he studied biology, Boucar Diouf arrived in Quebec in the 1990s to do a doctorate in oceanography. Scientist, humorist and radio and television host on Radio-Canada ( La natureAccording to Boucar ), he has also written several books.

Book / 200 pages

Author: Boucar Diouf

The browning of white whales