Biodegradable garbage bags

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Natursac garbage bags are 100% oxo-biodegradable. They are made from polyethylene to which additives are added to make it fragmentable. In contact with oxygen, ultraviolet rays, heat and humidity, they degrade by oxidation. These bags are non-recyclable and non-compostable. It is recommended to use them as bags for garbage and household waste and for the collection of droppings that are not compostable.

The 19 in. x 24 in. bags are sold in rolls of 25 transparent bags with a capacity of 30 liters.

27 in. x 32 in. bags are sold in rolls of 13 transparent bags with a capacity of 52 liters.

Natursac is a Quebec company specializing in the production of compostable and biodegradable waste bags. The company is committed to the health of the planet and works to reduce the impact of the packaging sector.

Biodegradable garbage bags