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Dry shampoo - Bergamot and verbena

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This dry shampoo absorbs sebum from the hair while giving volume and shine. This will allow you to space out your washing.

Instructions for use: open only one or two holes in the bottle so as not to pour too much, sprinkle a small amount on the hair and leave for a few minutes. Brush your hair to blend the dry shampoo, you can also use your hair dryer.

  • Weight: 50g

Cocooning Love is a Montreal-based natural cosmetics company. Their production is done in small quantities, in Montreal, in order to reduce waste and guarantee the freshness of the products. Cocooning Love products are designed for moments of well-being. They come in a range of comforting and indulgent textures and smells.

Dry shampoo - Bergamot and verbena